Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In Which I Rediscover An Old Form Of Exercise

I've been looking for some form of exercise since I arrived.  The exercise I can enjoy must fulfill the following:  It must not be tedious (running is out, sorry guys).  It must be cheap (ballet's out, so are tennis, ice skating, and anything else that requires special and expensive equipment).  It must be available to me at any time (my class schedule doesn't really allow for taking other classes at regular times).  

One of the other foreign teachers at School 8 is a former boxer, and out of the blue one day he said, "Rowan, how do you feel about skipping?"  I thought he was talking about the practice of avoiding school or work, but he clarified - "You know, skipping rope."  I think the last time I jumped rope was in third grade when we pledged to jump rope for a syphilis cure (I'm sure it was something like that).  I hated it at the time, because I was being forced to do it.  But suddenly it sounded like a fantastic idea.

So I went out and bought a jump rope for the equivalent of US $2.  I took it with me to the park across the street last night after class and skipped for a while.  And you know what?  I think it's workable.  It requires enough concentration that I don't get bored, the rope was cheap, and I can pack it up in a little bundle and take it with me.  

Maybe next I'll try Hoop Rolling.


Anonymous said...

Skipping! What a great way to celebrate the new US president! Maybe I'll try it!

Katy Williams said...

And you look cute doing it, too.

Nice pants, Wonder Woman. ;)
(I mean it.)