Monday, August 4, 2008

Definitions - To Be Updated As Necessary

c indicates that a word is Chinese.
e indicates that a word is in English. It's inclusion in Definitions means it's probably entirely or nearly obsolete.
r indicates that a word is made up by me.
Some words or phrases will not be preceded by an initial. They'll be pretty self-evident.

10 Year Box: A small time capsule containing artifacts from May 1999, which I will open in May 2009
: (c) 不 No, negation.
Bù hǎoyìsi: (c) 不好意思 To feel bashful, uncomfortable, or embarrassed.
Facebrial: (r) Of or pertaining to Facebook. (pronounced "fah SEE bree ul")
Famigerate: (e) To carry news from abroad.
Fángzi: (c) 房子 House, room.
Gēn: (c) 跟 With, and, following.
Hǎo: (c) 好 Good, OK, well.
Hǎo tīng de gē: (c) 好聽的歌 Good songs. Literally, songs that are good to listen to.
Huì: (c) 会 To be able to.
Mìmì: (c) 秘密 Secret.
Malefactress: (e) Female evil-doer.
MRT: (c - kind of) Taipei's Metropolitan Rapid Transit.
Nǎiyóu: (c) 奶油 Butter.
: (c) 你 You (familiar).
Péngyou: (c) 朋友 Friend.
Predilection: (e) A bias in favor of something.
Shuō: (c) 说 To speak.
: (c) 死 Death.
: (c) 四 Four.
The Wife: My Facebrial Spouse.
Wàiguórén: (c) 外国人 Foreigner.
Warrenous: (r) Having characteristics similar to those of a rabbit warren.
: (c) 我 I, me.
Wǒde: (c) 我的 My, mine.
Xuéxiào: (c) 学校 School
Xìnyòngkǎ: (c) 信用卡 Credit card.
Xǐhuan: (c) 喜歡 To like, to be fond of.
Xie Yu-Cheng: (c) 謝宇程 Taiwanese friend. First appearance.
Xiǎo: (c) 小 Small.
Yīge: (c) 一个 One of, a; "one" with a generic measure word.
Yīngyǔ: (c) 英语 English language.
Zhǎo: (c) 找 To look for, to search for.
Zhōngwén: (c) 中文 Chinese language.

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