Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three Days Out

I'm having a little bit of a hard time believing that I'll be leaving the country the day after the day after tomorrow.  The Wife is going to come in and then we'll be taking separate vehicles to the airport, because we're ecologically conscious like that.  Also because we wish to remain Living Breathing Parts of our Respective Families, who are also traveling in those aforementioned vehicles.

I've come into possession of a camera (courtesy of Aunts Kathy and Michelle, and my paternal grandparents - thanks, guys), so I'll be able to record parts of the upcoming trip in an amateurish kind of way.  My heart goes out to the artistic among you - I've never claimed to be a photographer (at least I do not follow the family tradition of beheading my photographic subjects!).

The photos will probably be posted to Picasa, but I'll be making a note here to explain the photos I post most times.


mishymc said...

Beheading of photos!!!? Of which side do you speak??? I am sure you will take after your aunty, paternal grandfather, great grandmother and great great grandmother in producing some utterly awesome pics.

Aunty M

Rowan said...

I certainly hope to. I imagine they'll be quite raw for a while, though.