Monday, August 4, 2008


• Where are you going and what are you doing?

I'm going to Taiwan to teach English.

• That's awesome! I have a friend/sister/cousin/former adversary who went to Thailand and loved it!

Taiwan. We'll be living in Taipei.

• Totally what I meant.  Who's "we"?  Are you going with a program?

"We" is The Wife (see Definitions - Post 1) and I.  We're working through a program called Reach to Teach, which set us up at the Kojen School of English.

• Do they provide you with housing?


• Where will you be living?

The Wife and I will be sharing an apartment in an as yet undisclosed location.  Kojen will be housing us briefly while they help us find one.

• What ages will you be teaching?

Ages 8-15.

• So do you speak... What do they speak there?

Taiwanese and Mandarin, mainly. I speak some Mandarin, yes.

• You'll get to practice with the kids, that'll be awesome!

No.  We're only allowed to speak English with the kids.  Full immersion and all.

• Are you excited?


• Do you know anyone there?

Your friend/sister/cousin/former adversary.

• How long are you planning on staying?

Two years.  The contract is for one year, but I'd like to renew it once.

• Tell me about English Schools in Taiwan.

As far as I know, kids in Taiwan go to regular school during the day.  Parents can choose to send their children to English schools after their regular school, which means that a lot of kids end up going to school all day.  We'll be teaching at one of these English schools.

• What's the time difference in Taiwan?

If it is 9:00 at night on Tuesday in Wisconsin or Illinois, it's 10:00 in the morning on Wednesday in Taipei.

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